An Axe

A fireman's axe

An axe is used by the Wendigo as a primary weapon, but several human characters use it too. Notable users include Nathan Lynn, Cassie Burr, Nikki Harding, and Dimitri Mayakov. The axe is also used by various other campers\GRU officers\SWAT officers.

It returns in The Monster Attacks 3, this time used by various other people.


The axe is seen used by the Wendigo to kill pretty much everybody except Nathan Lynn, Nikki Harding and the campers. It later returns in The Monster Attacks 3: Cannibal Invasion. This time, it's used by various other people, including Infected, Allyson Blackburn, Daren Lynn, and Anton Mayakov.


  • The axe looks different depending on whoever uses it; the Wendigo uses a standard tree-felling axe, but Dimitri, Nikki, and Nathan all use a fireman's axe, and the other random campers use hatchets.
  • Originally, the Wendigo was supposed to use a hatchet, but this was changed to a regular axe.
  • This is the first weapon to be used by an enemy.
  • This is the first bladed weapon in the series.
  • The axe used by the Wendigo is the deadliest in the series.


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