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Archaeotherium is an extinct genus of pig present in The Monster Attacks. They're seen as highly ferocious animals that can kill and eat anyone-even humans and dinosaurs.

The Monster Attacks 3Edit

These "terminator pigs" are seen killing various people and animals. They're also seen harassing Daren and his cronies, as well as the Blackburn sisters. They're also very belligerent animals; they fight all the time over food and water supplies. They even actively chase after various prey items within their reach.

One of them kills a random member of Allyson Blackburn's little party of airplane crash survivors in a flashback and another savagely devours a dinosaur by a stream. The Archaeotherium are also seen in the invasion of London by animals built by Al-Qaeda, where they rampage around town and kill\infect various people.

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